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Apollo Cigs Reviews, Product Information and Coupon Code

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short review Consistently gets high ratings for quality and customer service.
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This brand offers standard type starter kits and refillable kits for pros. Apollo fully controls the production of their e-cigarettes and e-juice. Get 20% off any starter kit with our exclusive coupon code.

Apollo Cig

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Apollo Cig Product Images
Price: (*)
$39.95 and up
Reviewer Ratings:

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Life of BatteryBattery Life
Vapor VolumeVapor Volume
Customer ServiceService
Cost, ValueValue vs. Cost
Based on 92 user reviews.
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Warranty: 1 year
Color of Tip: red blue 
Money Back Guarantee:   30 days
Cost per Cartridge (*): ~$1 - $3
Cartridge equates to: 1~1.5 packs
Flavor Options:
Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, Cherry, Vanilla and many more.

Nicotine Strength:
Extra High, High, Medium, Low or No Nicotine

Founders are experts in electronics and tobacco industry. Company owns manufacturing facilities.

Apollo Cig Reviews

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Apollo Cig Reviews

Reviews with 1 Star () Overall Rating.

posted on November 22 2011:icon post comment  

Life of BatteryBattery Life
Vapor VolumeVapor Volume
Customer ServiceService
Cost, ValueValue vs. Cost
I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Kim with Apollo, who took the time to lead me through the entire process of how and what to order. I received top shelf customer service. Kim was very pleasant and patient and provided me with the expertise I needed to make my decision. Not only did she spend the time with me to confirm what I required on my journey to e-cigarettes, she actually requested I wait for my large order, until the sale began. She corresponded by email with me, to notify me of the sale, and then to top it off, she went in to the office, on her time off (she asked her coworker to contact her when I was ready to order) so that she could finish the order I had. She had remembered everything that I was interested in and how much of what I needed. She confirmed walked me though the ordering process, provided bulk ... View full review

Support Rep commented on November 29 2011:
Thank you for this wonderful post! We greatly appreciate knowing that our agents are helping you out. Please when you do receive your package, add onto this post and rate the product. Cheers :)

posted on October 26 2011:icon post comment  

Life of BatteryBattery Life
Vapor VolumeVapor Volume
Customer ServiceService
Cost, ValueValue vs. Cost
There product is never consistent. Lacks flavor and overall satisfaction from using. Many problems with there product since i got it. Now there office which is a one person office wont return my calls.

Audrey T Fisher commented on October 28 2011:
John Doe? It seems you are their customer in Europe. I am also in UK and was told by Apollo folks that their UK office is temporarily unable to ship orders because of staff holiday, but their USA headquarters has many employees, I can easily order from their USA site and get excellent customer service through their chat tool. I have been using Apollo Standard Kit for half year and very pleased with the kit! Very sleek design, great flavor and excellent customer service! It helped me quit the habit within a month! I have been recommending Apollo to many of my neighbours.

posted on September 30 2011:icon post comment  

Life of BatteryBattery Life
Vapor VolumeVapor Volume
Customer ServiceService
Cost, ValueValue vs. Cost
I ordered the Standard Kit from Apolloarette om 09/23/11. Order Number 18355.
My overall purchase experience is not that great.
1) I paid extra $4.99 for USPS priority shipment. But the order came on 09/28/11. When I spoke to them, they told me it will take only 3 days, since I am paying extra. I live in Chicago Area, which means all Priority mail takes 3 days to reach my home. What's the point to pay extra for shipment.
2) I asked for Red tip Standard Kit, but I have received Blue tip kit. I had not informed regarding that via email or phone.
3) Last night when I opened the Kit, I found following..
a) 1 FREE pack of 5 cartomizers is missing from my box.
b) One of the battary in the kit has dent and not charging.

I am going to call them today. Let's see what happens.Overall my experince at this point not good. ... View full review

Amit Das commented on October 03 2011:
Spoke to customer service. They already sent missing cartomizer and a battery via priority mail. At this point I am happy with purchase. Customer service is awesome. I will bye again. Don't know about battery life, since I have not use it. But product looks great. Thanks

posted on September 07 2011:icon post comment  

Life of BatteryBattery Life
Vapor VolumeVapor Volume
Customer ServiceService
Cost, ValueValue vs. Cost
Haven't had enough time to properly rate this brand but I can say that one of my batteries was defective & when I contacted them to have it replaced they are requiring me to pay to return it. Whaaaat?? Since when does a company require us to pay to return a defective item. Not cool. I will not buy from this company again nor refer them to anyone because of this.

B commented on February 11 2012:
Defective products are defective products. I have been looking into to E-Cigerettes and a friend of mine said he ordered Apollo. A bad battery in two weeks. I am not sure about the return fees he paid? He also had DRY Atomizers (the units that the nicotine comes in).To their credit, Apollo sent him fifty (mark you fifty) replacement cartridges to compensate. I find that Apollo is dealing with quality control issues though they wish to do better. This is a new industry and there are a lot of bumps in the road. I am still considering vendors though that was a Mea Culpa if i have ever seen one. Hats off...Someone please establish a objective review site regarding this industry! One site swears by a product and the next thinks it is shit...How is anyone to know?

Tamera commented on September 10 2011:
:( that's sad...there product is awesome. When I had my own business I required people to pay there own postage to return, but then gave them a discount or something. Here's the thing Bobbi...the money you save in the long run, is worth the dollar or two it would take you to return it ...:) stuff happens...the cust serv is very them low starts just due to the one oops bad battery, I don't think is very fair :( (but I am also sorry that happened to you) I hope you give them another chance.

posted on July 10 2011:icon post comment  

Life of BatteryBattery Life
Vapor VolumeVapor Volume
Customer ServiceService
Cost, ValueValue vs. Cost
i just got my new ecig from apollo, just switched from my local brand 21rst century, and if your looking for a good menthol ecig... forget apollo, i cannot speek for the other flavors, but the shipping and packaging is amazing, but for a menthol taste is horrific. not tryin to bad mouth them, but the money i spent for the taste i was expecting, was not good at all

Derek Cavinder commented on July 11 2011:
I have chosen to go with the 30 day money back guarantee. Customer service was amazing, if you need anything with this company, request that you talk to Robert Freeman. He was very helpful and extremely informational. I really hope this company develops a menthol taste that i like. For the simple fact that the look of the product, shipping time, customer service, and the overall design is amazing.

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Battery, E-Liquid and Customer Service Info

Battery: Type, Colors, and Dimension
Battery Color(s)white black 
Battery Typeauto or manual
LED Color(s)red blue 
2/3 Piece  i2 or 3
Length of Batteryvarious
Diameter of Batteryvarious
Crystal LEDNo
E-Liquid / Nicotine Solution
Ingredientswater, nicotine, propylene glycol and flavoring ingredients.
Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or
Propylene Glycol (PG)  i
PG and VG
USA MadeYes  e-Liquid
Portable Charging CaseYes 
Pass-Through (USB)Yes 
Customer Service Options
International ShippingYes 
Toll Free Phone855-227-6556
Live ChatYes 
Information above is for your reference only. Please verify all product information on the sellers website.

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