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Wow, I must say I'm glad to finally see Crown7 on here. I have actually been ...

from Mesa, AZ reviewed Crown 7 model 'Hydro Imperial' on June 25 2012:

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Wow, I must say I'm glad to finally see Crown7 on here. I have actually been using Crown7 since 2007. Currently I use Crown7 and V2. Now the Crown7 has always just been a working horse for me. It has never failed me before. So the quality and overall reliability is 5 stars for me. Now the battery life is not to bad, I usually take 2 batteries to work to last me the entire day until night. The Vapor has always been very thick and heavy. The throat hit is great as well. The customer service has been over and above any company I have dealt with. When I first purchased Crown7 I had so many questions, I didn't want to be a bug but I emailed them anyway and they were very prompt with all emails and very courteous. So I give them 5 stars for that as well. Now the prices aren't to bad on their site, but I have seen smoke shops with lower prices. So I gave them 4 starts on that. Now the one big thing I do really like about Crown7 is their flavor. I love their Regular flavor cartridges and liquid. Even their Menthol disposable tastes amazing, almost like mint chocolate chip cookie ice cream. So if your all about flavor, I would recommend them.
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Crown 7 Electronic Cigarette Brand
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