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EverSmoke Reviews and Product Details - Rebate + 15% Coupon

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short review Great vapor and batteries are available in various colors, types and size.
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This e-cig comes with a stylish crystal LED tip and fashionable accessories at a great price. Save 15% with our exclusive coupon code offer.


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EverSmoke Product Images
Price: (*)
$29.99 and up
Reviewer Ratings:

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Life of BatteryBattery Life
Vapor VolumeVapor Volume
Customer ServiceService
Cost, ValueValue vs. Cost
Based on 30 user reviews
Free Shipping: No
Coupon Code:   
15% off starter kits!
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Warranty: Lifetime
Color of Tip: orange 
Money Back Guarantee:   30 days
Cost per Cartridge (*): $1.66 to $2.66 (cartomizer)
Cartridge equates to: 1 pack
Flavor Options:
Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry, Vanilla, Peppermint, Coffee

Nicotine Strength:
Bold (24mg), Full (18mg), Light (12mg), Ultra Light (6mg), Zero

Glowing Crystal LED and VaporMax battery

EverSmoke Reviews

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EverSmoke Reviews

Reviews with 3 Star () Overall Rating.

posted on October 22 2015:icon post comment  

Life of BatteryBattery Life
Vapor VolumeVapor Volume
Customer ServiceService
Cost, ValueValue vs. Cost
Products are good but iffy, I order the starter kit came two batteries "great".. One somehow not charging. Overall I would say buy it, if anything would happened always customer services.

posted on April 19 2012:icon post comment  

Life of BatteryBattery Life
Vapor VolumeVapor Volume
Customer ServiceService
Cost, ValueValue vs. Cost
I bought the ES starter kit. Tobacco flavor. It stopped my craving for cigarettes. There are some problems, however. One of the best things in life is the combination of coffee and smoke first thing in the morning. Coffee and esmoke first thing in the morning, on the other hand, is unpleasant. The tobacco flavor leaves something to be desired as well. I'm keeping it, though, because I travel abroad regularly, and on an eleven hour flight I don't care if it tastes like a skunks a@#. To once again be permitted to smoke on airplanes is well worth $60.00 to me.

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Battery, E-Liquid and Customer Service Info

Battery: Type, Colors, and Dimension
Battery Color(s)white black chrome 
Battery Typeauto or manual
LED Color(s)orange 
2/3 Piece  i2
Length of Battery3.9" (100mm), 4.3" (110mm), 4.6" (118mm)
Diameter of Battery
Crystal LEDYes 
E-Liquid / Nicotine Solution
IngredientsNicotine, Distilled Water, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Glycerin, Plus some additional ingredients depending on flavor
Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or
Propylene Glycol (PG)  i
VG and PG
USA MadeNo
Portable Charging CaseYes 
Pass-Through (USB)No
Customer Service Options
International ShippingNo
Toll Free Phone800-856-EVER (Promo code: 1022)
Live ChatNo
Information above is for your reference only. Please verify all product information on the sellers website.

More Information

EverSmoke Cigs provide a vaporized nicotine solution that feels similar to the physical sensation of smoking. For those new to this brand, there is a starter kit available that comes with the two-piece model, featuring an atomizer and a cartomizer in black, white or stainless steel color. These smokeless cigarettes come with two modes: automatic or manual. The automatic mode provides vapor whenever the user puffs. The manual mode produces vapor more quickly, but also uses more battery power.

EverSmoke Cigs are available in three battery sizes including standard, mini and long. The longer the battery, the more puffs you will get. According to the compnay, the battery life of a standard or long battery is about one day, depending on usage. The standard battery, when fully charged, provides about 250 puffs, while the long battery supplies about 350 puffs. The mini batteries, which offer about 175 puffs, are better for short outings or evening use, the company states. Users will know when it is time to charge the battery when the orange "lit" end of the cigarette begins to flash.

The starter kit contains a personal charging kit that can fit in ones' purse and charges on-the-go. According to an independent review, the charger available for the EverSmoke brand is smaller than those offered for BLU e-cigarettes and is approximately the same size as a standard pack of cigarettes. The case can charge a battery four times before the case itself needs to be recharged. Recharging the case takes about two hours, the reviewer found. The starter kit also includes a wall charger, a car charging adaptor and 15 nicotine cartridges. The cartridges come in four nicotine strengths, including bold, full flavored, light and ultra-light.

Currently, EverSmoke e-cigarettes are not available from the store, but individuals over 18 years old may by them online.

Product Images

Ultimate Kit

EverSmoke Components



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