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I have been very pleased overall with the experience of switching to an ...

from Moscow, ID reviewed EverSmoke model 'Eversmoke Ultimate Starter Kit' on March 22 2012:

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I have been very pleased overall with the experience of switching to an Electronic Cigarette, namely the Eversmoke Ultimate Starter Kit. So far my only complaints are that the handsome carrying case should be a quarter inch longer so you can actually carry your cigs ready to go in your pocket without disassembling first, this might avoid clogging the airholes with pocket lint while still keeping it out of view from your kids and also that my initial order took a very long time to arrive. It was supposed to be 5-7 business and was more like 15 days total; however, a subsequent order for the flavor sampler only took several days. A phone call to change my monthly shipment was quick to be answered and easy, though I should be able to just do that on my account via the web? Smoking these does come with a little learning curve to get used to how hard and long to draw and I don't find the need to draw as much from these as a normal cig would take. It tastes a little nasty at first but was quick to get used to and I'm not missing regular cigs at all. Especially since I can smoke this anywhere and don't stink up my car, bathroom, neighbors, etc. plus I'm not wheezing anymore at night when I'm trying to go to sleep! I personally like the cherry flavor as much as the tobacco, menthol is just like the real thing, coffee and vanilla were terrible for me. Eversmoke seems to be a quality product that lasts me about 2 days per cartridge and battery charge.
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Customer Service commented on April 03 2012:
@ Don: Thank you for your kind words and we are happy to hear you are not missing your old cigarettes at all. Regarding the Universal Carrying Case - this is a compact design for carrying your battery, cartridges and USB in the convenience of your pocket. If you would like to carry your e-cig assembled, we have a stylish lanyard that you can wear securely around your neck. @ Brian: Please contact our customer service department to check on the status of your shipment, by phone on 1-800-856-EVER or by email on
Brian commented on March 24 2012:
My girlfriend's daughter received her Eversmoke starter kit last week. She let me try it out and I was instantly impressed. Sooooo much more, and better tasting, vapor than the pathetic e-cigs I bought a couple years back. I'm a 30-year smoker who's always looking for a healthier alternative, and I decided right away to order an Eversmoke kit, with extra cartridges and a flavor sampler pack too. Right after placing my order online (literally within a couple minutes) I received an email saying one of the items was not in stock, and suggesting I should call to work out a substitution. Turned out the Classic Tobacco 18mg cartridges were out of stock (problem right off the bat...why?), so I switched to the vanilla flavor. Some computer problem prevented the phone rep from changing the flavor directly, so my order had to be cancelled and another order placed for the same items. No harm, no foul at this point, as she was very friendly, professional and diligent about verifying that everything I wanted was included on the new order. I placed the order on Wednesday and received it today (Saturday) only three days after placing the order. I was surprised and happy to see it here so soon. There was only one glaring problem, and that was, there were no cartridges included with my order at all. All the other items were there, but are useless because I have no cartridges. The cartridges were marked off by hand on the invoice as though they had been packed with everything else, but were not in the package. (The carrying case is also backordered, but I knew that at the time I placed the order.) Of course since it's Saturday there's no one to answer the phone at Eversmoke, so I'll have to wait two days minimum before I can talk to someone and get the rest of my order on its way. I sent an email explaining the problem and will follow up with a phone call right away Monday morning. The quality of Eversmoke seems first rate, but come on, people! How can you forget to send 36 cartridges (15 vanilla, 15 coffee and 6 in the sampler pack) with an order? $140 worth of stuff sitting here and it will be another four days minimum until I can use it. It's not like I've never made a mistake, but come on shipper-guy! You marked the cartridges off on the invoice but didn't put them in the package. Wake up! I've ordered many things online over the years from many places, and have never had an item that was accounted for on the invoice be missing from the order. So, I'm waiting patiently until Monday and sticking with the Pall-Malls til then. What else can a guy do? :-)

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