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I fell in love with mine the day I got them, I charged it and took a couple of ...

from Huntington, WV reviewed Green Smoke model 'Green Smoke' on July 29 2011:

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I fell in love with mine the day I got them, I charged it and took a couple of puffs and have never smoked a real cig again. I had tried to stop with other things but they failed , green smoke was great I felt like I was still smoking with no smell .When I tell people that want to try it and really want to quit smoking ,
They have to put down the real cigs and only use green smoke I think that's the only way to quit smoking. I couldn't believe that I could quit that easy. Thank you so much green smoke for such a greet e-cig....... it's been nineteen months cigs free.I still use the e-cig but not very much,sometimes I crave a e-cig but never a real cig
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Howard Parker commented on August 14 2011:
I have just purchased the whole greensmoke starter kit.Plus 8 packs of cartridges!different flavours of each cartrigde plus the 5 pack with the kit, enough to keep a 15 cigs a day smoker happy for a few weeks! After placing order in came within 2 days! I could not wait to taste tis new, well reviewed e-cig. checking out its sleek packaging,and anticipating its vapour taste. I liked the charging methods of the battery - usb or mains charge...Ideal.......I placed the cigarette(battery) and cartridge together and passed it to my wife to try first...she smokes cigarettes so she was my first "tester". She smiled as she drew the vapour from the Greensmoke e-cig and passed it over to me to try.......I,being no stranger to vapourisation (I use a volcano vapouriser to vape herbs and tabacco) I instanly liked the cool vapour and its flavour....both e-cig batteries didnt last very long...only about an hour, but I thought maybe they both needed a longer charge to give you the intended life of 4 to 6 hours of use. Can you imagine to my horror that both batteries after the stated 4 hours charge lasted barely an hour, I estimate about the equivalent of about 4 real cigarettes. Again the next day I tried to charge both batteries but still the abismal smokes I was feeling like I had been cheated out of my total spend of 167 english pounds.and to add the final insult to injury some of the cartridges where "dry" meaning NO VAPOUR..... I actually telephoned "Greensmoke" in florida to complain, and after telling them of the above details was simple told I was entitled replacement or to a refund of my money...I asked if he thought you that the product really lives up to what they say on the web site, but he just said he was embaressed about the product...again asking greensmoke if they thought a smoker would be able to get a days smoke from a least both batteries when charged again they simply offerd a replacement or refund...after 15mins on the phone to US from the UK all we could agree on was a refund,and he said I would be sent an e-mail with details of how to return the products...he was very helpful and curtious.........Can you I magine my HORROR when I checked my e-mail later in the evening from greensmoke...STATING THAT ...I would be entitled to a refund of the Greensmoke kit subject to a 15% restocking fee.. which I was aware of, but in this case I did could not believe, after all PROUDUCT FAIL...AND...EXCLUDING CARTRIGES...........!!!!!! So I am going to have about 40 cartridges left with NO USE WHATSOEVER to me....and losing 97 english pounds in the process.....BE AWARE OF WHAT YOU MAY BE SPENDING YOUR MONEY ON...........what they say on the website is not true......and I was ready to recomend this products to friends and promote through my "own website" via greensmokes very proffessional affiliate site.....I tought I might really be able to make a little pocket money and be proud to sell a new and alternative prouduct....not so....STAY AWAY

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Brand
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