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Bought gs about a year ago & fiddled around with it. Found it hard to adjust ...

from Lubbock, TX reviewed Green Smoke on March 23 2011:

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Bought gs about a year ago & fiddled around with it. Found it hard to adjust to the difference in put it down. My husband decided to quit smoking 2 months ago so we both turned to gs..again. The great news is that neither of us have smoked a real cigerette since we picked gs back up (smoked Marlboro Red 100s). Yep..there was a learning curve on how to smoke IS a nicotine delivery system not a real cigarette & since its a battery it will need to be charged, usually once a day for us. Its a lifestyle adjustment. We are extremely happy with the gs ecig and both are looking forward to dropping to 0 nicotine in our own frames..whatever they may be
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mackenzie40 commented on September 20 2011:
I don't understand your comments . When I look at the dismal star ratings you gave to green smoke , it doesnt add up at all. and Green smoke makes an okay product , they have terrific customer service but their batteries suck and they are expensive. There are better choices for the price.

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