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This was the first Ecig I tried. Previously, I was a pack a day smoker for 15 ...

from Harlem, GA reviewed Green Smoke on April 10 2011:

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This was the first Ecig I tried. Previously, I was a pack a day smoker for 15 years. At the time I ordered the e-cigs, I had already started my journey into quitting regular cigs. I was using nicotine gum and a nicotine inhaler, but I was still sneaking a few regular cigarettes. The day my e-cigs came, after my first puff, I knew I would be able to completely do without regular cigs. I threw away all my ashtrays and the last half pack of regular cigs, and I have now been completely tobacco cigarette free for 9 months. I told my doctor about the ecigs I was using, and she has said that my lungs sound better and better with each visit.

I've only had some minor problems with my ecig from Green Smoke, but customer service was very helpful. I purchased a starter kit, and two weeks after using it, the short battery died. No problems, Green Smoke sent a replacement within a week and a half, although I did have to pay to ship the dead battery back. I honestly don't think that each cartridge lasts as long as they say, but considering this product was the only thing that allowed me to completely quit smoking regular cigs, I'm not gonna complain too much about that. I think it's insane that the FDA won't allow these to be called a smoking cessation device. Honestly the only difference between an e-cig and a nicotine inhaler is the vapor "smoke"
I'm not a fan at all of the "Red Label" cartridges. To me, they have a very offensive taste. But the Absolute Tobacco has a sweet, very pleasurable taste.
After introducting these to my Dad and my Uncle, both have made the switch to e-cigs and they too are smoke free.
My husband is tickled because there is no stinky smoke and no ashes.I went to a indoor concert, and I was able to puff away inside without having to miss part of the show to go outside and have a smoke. I got a few curious looks, but no complainers.
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