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Overall a very good electronic cigarette. The size of the prosmoke e-cigarette ...

from Brighton, MA reviewed ProSmoke model 'Deluxe Starter Kit' on August 06 2011:

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Overall a very good electronic cigarette. The size of the prosmoke e-cigarette is pretty much the same as a regular cigarette. It does weigh more because of the battery but there is a lot of vapor and great flavor. The charging case that comes with the deluxe kit it very stylish and functional. It allows for charging from any usb port, and keep extra cartridges handy. It is difficult to tell how many equivalent cigarettes are being consumed but the nicotine levels available for purchase allows for tapering off of the usage. Overall very sleek and for the price a very good product. Shipping is pretty fast and so far no mechanical problems.
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Chris commented on March 12 2012:
First off, I just want to say this is my honest opinion about this E-Cig. I ordered ProSmoke after viewing positive reviews from youtube. Out of all the reviews, there were only really 2 that gave it a so so, or bad review. I figured because there were more positive reviews, that it would be a good product. Well when I first got it, It didn't produce any vapor. I contacted support, and sure enough they helped me, and it started to work. But, when you inhale, there is kinda a nasty taste, no matter what flavor you use, or no taste at all. There is no "throat hit" what so ever. I also noticed it leaves a nasty feeling on my lips.....which is kinda hard to describe. i wouldn't recommend this e-cig if you smoke a pack a day. Honestly, I had a better feeling using the brand name ecig called BlueCigs. I also had the starter kit for that, but the batteries never lasted long, and also, there was alot less vapor then the prosmoke. A couple of days before i recieved prosmoke, I bought the disposable blue cigs from wallgreens. I have to HONESTLY say they were good. Nice throat hit, and i actually only smoked 7 real cigs that day (which really suprised me, because i do smoke a pack a day). These were the disposable's from blucigs......but they were expensive. Cost about $10 for 1 cig. This cig, lasted me for a whole day before the battery went dead. If you want to try a e-cig, i do recommened buying a disposable one just to try it out. you can go on the blucigs website, and see where they sell them in the stores near you. For some reason, the blucigs disposable ones are better then the regular starter kits for some reason. I will say that they now have the 100's, so that may be better. i just bought the regular starter kit which i wouldn't recommened either. All in all, do your research. Besides going on youtube, you should really google the cig, and see if there are any forums on it. I suggest if you only see youtube reviews, don't get it. If there are alot of reviews from it on regular forums, then i would give it a try. Overall, prosmoke stinks in my opinion. I looked into another thing, which is called vaping. I orderd a joyce ego 650, which has tons, and i say tons of reviews, from youtube, to forums, to internet broadcasts. there are differnt nicotine levels you can try, depending on how much you smoke. Also tons of different flavors u can try. That will be my next thing, and i will have it in a couple of days. I m not gonna get into that, but just google.... joyce ego 650. do your research about it, look at the website, look at youtube and see if that would be right for you. Anyways, i just wanted to write this review, because i m sick of wasting my money on ecigs that just suck. I hope that i can atleast help 1 person out with this review....then writing all this would be worth it. My final thoughts: Prosmoke : sucks, don't get it. you will be dissapointed. Vapor is good for an ecig, but thats about it. Blucigs: Honestly, the regular starter kits suck, no vapor at all, and the batteries die fast. The 100's that they sell now, may be better I don't know. Blucigs disposables: They are decent, good vapor and decent throat hit. But expensive at $10 a cig. Those are the three i have tried, and there is my review. Again, do your research, its your hard earned money, and you dont want to waste it. I havent recieved my ego yet, but i have a really good feeling about it, tons and tons of reviews on the net about it. I did my research on it, and i m 100% sure that will work for me. Anyways....good luck to anyone who is reading this, and i hope i was somewhat helpful.

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