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I started using the 51 duo a year ago. With the first purchase of 50 ...

from Rock Springs, WY reviewed Smoke 51 Fifty-One model '51 Duo' on August 11 2011:

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I started using the 51 duo a year ago. With the first purchase of 50 cartridges to add to the starter kit, a dozen or more were defective. By the time I had used up the first 3 dozen cartridges, the battery refused to charge. I recieved a warranty replacement and purchased a spare battery from a local dealer along with a second case of cartridges. The second case has been more reliable, but battery life is worse yet. With 2 new batteries, I haven't even gotten through the first 5 boxes (25), and I'm noticing one battery will last about 90-120 minutes, while the second lasts for about 3-4 hours. I completely stop smoking when using the 51 duo, but need to have a battery charging constantly or I'm left with nothing in very a short time.

I feel the duo is a good route to go, with none of the problems associated with a seperate atomizer, however, the battery power source has been very disappointing. I'm considering another brand as soon as the remaining cartridges are used up, if the batteries will make it that far...if not, I'm still going a different route.

Oh, a little trick I learned about the duo is to be sure you do not tighten the cartridge to the batetry when you change them out. If the cartridge is too tight, you won't get any vapor from the cartridge and the cartridge will overheat. This causes a very nasty tasting vapor when you do get it to work. Also, don't draw too often or it will get too hot. I get the ebst results by simply using it more often for shorter periods, similar to smoking half of a cigarette. This seems to allow the cartridge heating element to cool down before it gets too hot and destroys the remaining liquid.

I haven't dealt with on-line customer service, so I can't give a response to it, but will say that the dealer I've gone through has mostly had representatives which do not know the product very well at all, unfortunately. The manager was always very helpful and seems to know exactly what I needed when ever I came to visit.
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Kel commented on September 19 2011:
This company is DECEITFUL!!!!! I wish I had read all these reviews before I ordered my supposedly $4.95 trial pack!! I now have another charge of 109.67 and the company tells me I should have read more closely!! I have since canceled my credit card as I do not want any more unauthorized charges and also disputing this charge!!!!! PS when I try to call back they hang up on me!!

Smoke 51 Fifty-One Electronic Cigarette Brand
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