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I have 51 duo my filters get dry after i smoke half a day, usualy i smoke 10 ...

from Houston, TX reviewed Smoke 51 Fifty-One model '51 duo' on February 25 2011:

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I have 51 duo my filters get dry after i smoke half a day, usualy i smoke 10 cigarettes a day, at the smoke dreams shope a lady sold me a jucie for 14$, she open the robber part of my catridge and dripped some jucie for me, now this litle bottle of e-jucie last me one month for 14$ no need to buy new catridges! the only problem my batteries are discharging fast and dont last all day :(
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Bryan commented on June 28 2011:
i recently bought my first a starter pack, juice, and 6 filters for $113.00....not too bad. They have worked out odor...smoked in a bar and freaked people out...haha. the replacement filters (6 of them for $13) are way cheaper than paying $35 for 6 packs of cigarettes....and taste sooo much better. Just takes a while to get use to some of it....vapor goes is either the filter or out of juice. I've experience more problems with juice running out before the filter...only thrown one of those away in 3 days....and I am a pack a day smoker.
Mike commented on June 27 2011:
I ordered the starter kit online, and was soon contacted and told that I was getting additional 'services', I told the salesman I didn't want anything but the E-cig starter kit, when he got abusive I told him to cancel the order... Of course they sent it anyway and I wrote the company about them paying for the return, I haven't gotten any reply after about 2 weeks (last I checked no charge was made against my credit card, though I told them I'd contest the charge anyway)... I was going to just throw it away but decided to try it anyway, thinking maybe their product was better than the service, so I charged it with the included USB device and put a 'filter' on, I was initially pleased with the amount of vapor it produced, though it was rather weak nicotine wise... I used three of the five filters before the USB charger died, one of the filters lasted a day another a few hours another somewhere in between... so now the battery unit is dead and I have two unused filters... I don't trust this outfit or it's product and wouldn't buy from them again...
malena commented on April 10 2011:
Hi Lisa just go to smoke shop most of them have the e-jucie, just 2-3 drops will last u for couple sigaretts filters do get dry fast so use the juce its less money
Rene commented on March 18 2011:
Hey Lisa, I recommend you try purchasing your cartridges from I also had the same issue with the dry cartridges but ever since I ordered from this website, the cartridges were amazing. They are the original smoke 51 products.
Lisa commented on February 28 2011:
Hi Melena, I have a question if you don't, you have the duo, but are able to use the "juice" bottles? I'm very interested in that, because I am having a HORRIBLE time with the cartridges...every time I buy them, (5-packs) at least 1 doesn't work - the last box I bought 3 out of 5 didn't work! I'm getting very frustrated with this! Any information would be greatly appreciated! Have a nice day!

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