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Satisfaction Guarantee... Ok, I ordered a Smoketip Starter kit about 8 months ...

from Green Bay, WI reviewed SmokeTip model 'Smoketip' on July 13 2011:

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Satisfaction Guarantee... Ok, I ordered a Smoketip Starter kit about 8 months ago. Not the greatest vapor, but for the money, awesome! Beats the hell out of gas-station and mall brands. I ordered 3 kits total and told all my family and friends about it. After a couple months I started getting cartridges that were leaking. At first, they replaced them at no cost to me. They were very helpful. As time went on I continued getting leaking carts. So bad that they actually leaked into the batteries and frying them. One even started on fire. They also started messing up orders. After tons of emails back and forth, they eventually said 'screw you'. After spending hundreds on their products and spreading the word everywhere, they decided to write me off as a customer. Not sure what happened over there, but until they fix it I would NOT recommend them. V2 and Whitecloud produce better vapor anyways. Hell, they all produce better vapor now because it is very hard to produce good vapor when half the fluid leaks out before you even open it.
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Grant Davis commented on July 18 2011:
Hi Cyndi, Your carts may be leaking without you knowing it, or it may be based on flavor. I ordered chocolate for awhile because it was my favorite. Then, all of a sudden, I receive two shipments in a row of the chocolate that produced no vapor at all. The company never provided expalanation so I had to stop ordering them. Been ordering the coffee ever since. On many many many occasion, a large chunk of fluid what come out while taking a drag and hit me in the lips and land on my toungue. Very dangerous. Still, I remained a loyal customer. Inspect your next shipment very closely before pulling off the caps. I have pictures of leaking carts from them. I have a pic of the one that caught on fire too. They kept wanting to blame it on the Postal Service, so finaly I asked them to pack them differently to avoid having to smoke regular cigarettes until receiving replacements. They remedied this by attaching purple stickers to each box inside. PURPLE F*ING STICKERS! Wth was that gonna do? Also, the last time it happened I sent them 18 defective cartridges. 2 were just for them to inspect as one of the two had started on fire. 16 were never used. With the way their foil packs work, when you take one out you almost always break the seal on the one next to it. They claimed 16 were used. I demanded then that they sent me them back. For 3 months they kept telling me to wait for them and they still haven't arrived. Unconditonal guarantee? It has become unconditional BS. Yeah, they sent me a battery before receiving the defective one a couple times as well. Last time they did it, they complained that they did not receive the defective. I had just told them that I had not had a chance to send it yet but it would be going out soon. They just seem to have gotten very greedy and do not care about their customers anymore.
Cyndi commented on July 15 2011:
I love my SmokeTip and I have never had issues with leaking cartridges and I have been ordering refills for over 6 months now! My friend once got a battery replacement for free from Smoketip and they even sent it out before she sent back her battery. Did you sent back any of the parts that you got replaced?

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