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from Las Vegas, NV reviewed SmokeTip model 'Starter Kit/Buy One get one fr' on December 09 2011:

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INCREDIBLY DISAPPOINTING! FROM THE REVIEWS HERE... I THOUGHT I WOULD HAVE DECENT VAPOR AT LEAST. I got the order quick. Customer service is almost non existent - the flavor was AWFUL in the chocolate and the menthol and it had almost no vapor. Yes I read the instructions... yes I used it correctly. I do not understand these ratings at all. I feel bad writing it but if it were not so true and so important for those of us who do not ever want to smoke a real cig again for health reasons... If I had to smoke real cigs or these.... I would smoke these... but it would get me off of e cigs pretty quick and I like smoking... I am a current V2 user but because of their cartridges being inconsistent (but fantastic vapor - flavor) I am looking at all others. My Vapor for Life kit should be here tomorrow. Will let you know. BTW -V2 has excellent customer service... sooo expensive with inconsistent carts... but may end up staying with them in the end ... will keep looking and let you know. I have 3 other brands I have in line to try. Wish I could stay with V2. Hope to find good vape - consistent carts - flavor and service - and the truth about how consistent the cartridges are that last (looking for 15 cigs to 1 pack of real cigs per cartridge) If you take short, slow, easy hits and don't heat them up too much they should last at least 1/2 pack ... I would hope - shout out if you have a real answer.
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AJ commented on February 22 2012:
Nikki, Sorry to hear SmokeTip gave you such a hard time - I hope you eventually got this worked out. You haven't posted anything for a while. Did you ever find a company you did like? Had good customer service? Stood behind their product? Thank you
nikki commented on December 22 2011:
To Newsmoketipusermike.... Hi. Thanks for the input and glad you are having a good experience with them. I on the otherhand, returned a perfectly new kit to them (except the 3 days of usage to give it a chance) and they Denied my refund and then Charged my credit card without authorization to ship it back to me. Maybe.. and I mean this with respect and sincerity, since you have a good relationship with them, maybe you could ask that they honor thier refund policy and give me a refund for the kit that I was not happy with. My name is Nikki and if you are willing to help me I will give you any other info you need. I really need the money back for the kit or I have to return the V4L kit I bought and want to keep (it is much much better) but I can't afford both. Thank you if you want to help... if not, I understand and I just hope they stay honest with you. Nikki
Nikki McGeary commented on December 19 2011:
Bob Thank you for your comment. I think I got off on the wrong foot with them because thier email went to my junk mail by mistake... so when I left them a second voice mail I got a rude email back. Since then it went down hill. I am going to try to work with them to get my refund. And hope thta they are honorable for all of the other people who like them.. everyone likes diffent things... this product was not for me. customer service and honoring what you advertise is soooo impoortant. I'm really going to try to work it out and will let you know... but if they do not do the right thing, I do plan on moving forward to get a refund any way I can.. I will not let this go. I'm very very ill... I shouldnt let this affect my health... but after my doctors on Wed or Thursday, it may not make a difference... I may have nothing more to do but but make this the last think I do.... litterallly... lol. Keep in touch if you find a way to find a resolution with them. I may try to find the owner or someone who cares about the reputation of thiercompany... One bad employee can ruin an otherwise good company... so lets both give them the bennefit of the doubt and see if they will work with us. ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS? I REALLY CAN'T AFFORD TO KEEP THE NEW KIT I LIKE IF THEY DON'T GIVE THE REFUND THE PROMISED. MY KIT WAS IN PERFECT CONDITION. I VIDEO TAPED IT... I MAY PUT IT ON UTUBE ALONG WITH COPIES OF THEIR EMAILS..AND SO ON.. BUT NOT YET... THYE CAN'T SUE A DEAD GIRL... LOL.. BETST OF LUCK TO YOU.
Nikki commented on December 19 2011:
This is incredible. This is my follow on review. Once I gave them a bad review... They must have read it because the DENIED my return. Now... I'm going to give it a few days to see if we can work it out. But a few days after trying the product, I requested the refund... they gave me the instructions to return just the kit and make sure the RMA number was on the outside of the box. Because I'm physically handicapped, my mother packed the box for me and I had her take it to the post office. She asked what to do with they UNOPENED cartirdges (I didn't expect a refund on them) but thought the right thing was to return them since I had no use for it... so I get an unauthorized charge on my card from them.... the denied my return as it had cartridges in them and charged me to send it back to me. I'm still in my 30 day return period but as of a couple of days ago... said 'this issue is closed". I am going to appeal to their common sense and hope they stand up to their warranty...I'll let you know what happens. I'd hold off on ordering until you know if they will really give you your money back.
Bob commented on December 15 2011:
I totally agree with the reviewer. This company and their customer service are terrible, as well as their products. Would not recommend SmokeTip to my worst enemy.
SmokeTip offers absolutely no flexibility in their policy. I tried to exchange cartridges that were still in original packaging and a couple days older than the 30 day return/exchange policy. They refused to exchange. In fact they said if I did not buy enough cartridges (their assessment) they would void the warranty on their batteries and not provide the lifetime replacement guarantee. Highly recommend you not buy this product or any other Smoketip products. Their customer service is a joke.
Pat commented on December 12 2011:
I think something as important as a charger should be under the warranty. I started using SmokeTip in May of this year. I am now looking for a new brand. Since July several batteries have been replaced, shipping at my expense of course. Now for the second time, since July my charger stopped working. There is no way I will put another penny to a company that doesn't stand behind it's product. The battery and cartridges alone do not make the entire product. Without a charger you can't use them, therefore making it pretty darn important. Oh well... I will happily give my business to another company that does provide a product that doesn't quit working within months of receiving it.
Admin commented on December 11 2011:
SmokeTip Customer Service: We called 3 x and answered 2 help desk tickets ...
Newsmoketipusermike commented on December 10 2011:
I have been using smoketip for one week now and I am completely confused about your comments about their customer service. I have spoken with their customer service (Kristi - she is the only phone rep and the customer service manager) 3 times this week. Kristi is informed, responsive and INCREDIBLY helpful. Now, one thing to be aware of is that their customer service is only available from 9-5 EST Mon-Fri (clearly stated on their website btw) and it can be hard to get a hold of them during lunch hour. However I left a message one time and was called back within 10 minutes. I am not sure what your criteria is for excellent customer service is but I think most would agree that this pretty exemplary. Also, as a LARGE number of individuals have stated, they have a lifetime warranty on their batteries. They stand by their product in a way that not every company does. Secondly, I have experienced good vapor production (comparable to all of the other top ecigs I have watched videos on -V2, greensmoke, blucig, prosmoke,etc.) I have seen some ecigs that do produce thicker vapor, but from all of my research (and that's a boatload btw) it really seems to be a difference of Propylene Glycol vs Vegetable Glycine (VG is commonly known to produce thicker vapor but with a slightly different taste.) I am not a smoketip employee (I don't think they have lot of them honestly haha), I am simply a major consumer advocate and longtime former smoker looking to become a longtime member of the vaping community. Now, I will say that I think that their batteries could last a bit longer but overall I think they last about average what what I've read/researched about other top brands that use the 808 battery. Lastly, I think the reason that there are so many positive reviews of smoketip out there is because the vast majority of people (like me) have had a great vaping experience with smoketip. Just thought I'd share. Hope it's helpful. -Mike

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