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Battery Life: I took this product out with me the other day, and I was gone ...

from Bloomsburg, PA reviewed SmokeTip model 'SmokeTip' on December 07 2012:

Life of BatteryBattery Life
Vapor VolumeVapor Volume
Customer ServiceService
Cost, ValueValue vs. Cost
Battery Life: I took this product out with me the other day, and I was gone for about 14 hours. I only had to change the battery once, toward the end of the night. I'm not as avid a smoker as some people, but that's still pretty decent in my book.

Amount of Vapor: Currently, I am using 0mg Clove cartridges. There is a decent amount of vapor, however it is very thin, due to the lack of nicotine. The flavor is nice and strong, but fades quickly, again due to the lack of nicotine. From now on, I'll be getting the 6mg cartridges just to make the vapor a bit thicker and to bind the flavor for longer.

Customer Service: I had a couple of questions before ordering, and I filed a ticket to their CS. Literally five minutes later, they'd responded with my answer. That's the fastest I've seen any customer service for pretty much anything online. It was amazing, and they stuck to my question and didn't add any fluff to the answer.

Cost/Value: Compared to other e-cigarettes, the cost of the base kit is fantastic. I'm still up in the air about the cost of cartridges, however they're in 10 packs versus 5 packs, so it likely evens out. The downside to this e-cig is that the travel case is sold separately, and is not nearly as robust as the Blu or the Volcano.

Although it's sold separately, this company has a USB pass-through kit that will allow you to continuously smoke without worrying about a battery. Great for when you're at home and on the computer.

Overall: This is a very good e-cig for the cost, and the company is really helpful. The cost of accessories is a bit high, but they have some unique accessories I haven't seen elsewhere.
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