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A Superior Product! I intend to post here again after a few months to see if ...

from San Diego, CA reviewed SmokeTip model 'SmokeTip' on March 04 2011:

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A Superior Product! I intend to post here again after a few months to see if my opinion has changed, but my initial impressions are very favorable. I was very underwhelmed with another maker of e-cigarettes (GreenSmoke {GS}), and decided to try another brand. I picked SmokeTip because of it's ratings here at e-cig365, and I am not disappointed. Compared to GS, SmokeTip is much better priced (cost does not mean better in this case) -- the SmokeTip Started Kit is almost half the price of GS, and the SmokeTip cartridges are about 2/3rd the price of GS. The draw is much smoother with SmokeTip and the rich vapor last much longer. Although GS advertised 400 puffs per cartridge, it was more like 100 and by then the vapor dropped off significantly. With SmokeTip, I get the 250 puffs advertised and the last puff is as good as the first. As for flavor, SmokeTip is far superior to GS -- SmokeTip tastes like a cigarette; GS tasted like flavored air. So far I am pleased with the battery life of even the short SmokeTip battery -- time will tell if it continues to hold a decent charge, but at least SmokeTip provides a lifetime warranty on their batteries. BRAVO to SmokeTip for a superior product at a decent price.
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Bill S commented on April 19 2011:
I originally posted back on March 3rd, and as promised I am back with my latest impressions. I still like the SmokeTip product very much and the turn-around time on orders is terrific -- a big plus in my book. Prices are very reasonable compared to other products. I highly recommend the rechargeable battery case; very reasonably priced and a real winner when I am on the go. As for the batteries, well, none of them last as long as we would like, but SmokeTip batteries are as good as or better than anybody else's. The cartridges are fairly consistent are far a duration and flavor; although I had one come apart at the base delivering a mouthful of nicotine juice after I tried to reassemble it; and one cartridge that did not work at all. I am not sure they really last 250 puffs - I can go through 2-3 16mg cartridges a day. They say that's equivalent to 3 packs of cigarettes, but I do not buy that - with real cigarettes, I smoked one pack a day (Carlton Menthol 100s - 2mg nicotine per pack if you believe the advertising). As some general comments about e-cigarettes (nothing against SmokeTip) - are they safer? For sure given that you get the nicotine without all the other ingredients they say are bad for you. Are they the same as a real cigarette? I have to say no. After all, the nicotine is what makes a cigarette additive, but it's those other {bad} ingredients that contributed to the physiological enjoyment of a real cigarette that you won't find in an e-cigarette cartridge. Bottom line is you will satisfy the craving, but probably not the pleasure of smoking. The worst thing about e-cigarettes is that because the cigarette never really burns down and because the smoke is not offensive to anyone, it is very easy to sit there and puff away on an e-cigarette throughout the day. But if you are going to try an e-cigarette, I still recommend SmokeTip as the best product at the best price.

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