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Ordered the deluxe kit at the tune of 94.00 plus shipping. It never arrived, ...

reviewed South Beach Smoke model 'deluxe kit' on March 02 2011:

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Ordered the deluxe kit at the tune of 94.00 plus shipping. It never arrived, because they had wrong city and zip code. My husband got his. They sent out another, but no fancy box, instead it looked like it was made out of spare parts laying around. No gas certificate either. The battery does not work and the cartridges are half empty. Customer service is non existent. I complaint even on Facebook and they take down the complaint. I am stuck with a kit that does not work and the company won't do anything about it. Believe me go with somebody more reputable. Not worth the trouble. I have asked them to fix a simple thing like the address and cannot even do that. I cannot even cancel my membership at this point. AMAZING!!! No answer from them. RUN!!!!
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Michael commented on January 02 2012:
I too have been spending hours searching the internet to try and find the best ecig. The thing that impresses me the most at this point is that a company like South Beach is actually spending there time reading these posts and responding to the comments. This is abnormal in a good way. I have narrowed my choices down to 3 and South Beach is leading the pack. This kind of attention to customer opinion has really given me more confidence in this company.
Nana commented on October 17 2011:
Ive been searching online for the last few hours looking for 'The best e-cig. to me what is important above all else is customer service. After trying several other brands only to be disappointed when things don't work as they should I almost gave up on ecigs because the customer service of the other companies sucked!- When I read this person's complaint, (Tiziana), I almost believed her version of events until I read what the company said and it all makes sense now...The way that you guys are responding to your customers in this forum is enough for me to want to try your brand of shows that you care about how we feel about your product, and that you want us to be satisfied. You can't make everyone happy but it seems that you try! With that,I'm willing to give you a try..wonder if I can get any discounts as a new customer?? I'm ready to order!!!
Ricky commented on July 21 2011:
Sounds to me like someone is a little jaded and cannot accept the fact she made a mistake. I have a friend that uses these and has had nothing but good results from them. He was also affected by the battery change over but his problems were handled very professionally and quickly.
Manager commented on March 03 2011:
Tiziana placed an order online and entered her zip code incorrectly. It WAS NOT a phone order so the incorrect zip code had to be a result of data entry error on her part. Here are the comments (unedited) from her account as recorded from the rep that helped her. - PLEASE NOTE how we decided to reship at no charge despite customer error. That is excellent service... "cci and was wondering where her deluxe starter kit was. tracking info confirms delivery but it was delivered to different zip code. so we updated the address and put in an issue to re ship the starter kit." Then Tiziana called a few days ago because her package arrived damaged --- It's probably the package that was lost due to an incorrect zip code. The other is probably still in transit. It's damaged because the post office had it for 3 weeks trying to figure out where to deliver it with a bad zip code. Clearly --- we did everything we could to try and correct an unfortunate situation that was outside of our control. This customer was handled directly by myself - the Customer Service Manager. We're truly sorry we could not make her happy.... but we will continue to make other customers very happy. And rest-assured we did issue her an RMA so that she could return the damaged kit for a refund.... as is our policy. We never deny a customer a refund if they are unhappy with their order.

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