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Testimonials: Ex-Smokers that Switched to Electronic Cigarettes!

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Statements from ex-smokers that quit tobacco with electronic cigarettes:

quit  Todd on 10-19-2015:
quoteVery clean with vapor smoke. You'll surely feel the difference from the additiction of traditional regular cigarettes.
quit  Elizabeth from Lake Charles on 08-02-2013:
quoteAlways hated smelling like cigarettes and the ashes and having to go outside. Non of that with e-cigs. Love them.
quit  Eldon from NJ on 05-20-2013:
quoteI switched because I was wasting money on cigarettes and the addiction was killing me. e cigs are better because you breathe better with them and they are cheaper than wasting money on cigarettes.
quit  Anderson from OH on 05-01-2013:
quoteSick of remembering my cigs an lighter all the time. I use Apollo and have had a very positive experience with it. Cut my smoking in half. Love the ecigs, and will continue to use.
quit  Rhon from PA on 04-22-2013:
quoteQuit 11 weeks ago. Way cheaper & it takes the edge off, so I can stay smokefree!
quit  Angie from Alabama on 03-07-2013:
quoteIt's a great experience. Been 3 weeks smoke free and love it.
quit  Tassie Miller from Xenia, Ohio on 03-02-2013:
quoteI like not smelling of cig. smoke. no dirty ash trays, no more putting butts in my pocket. I hope to never smoke another real cigarette, I'm still on E-cigarettes , its been 2 1/2 weeks and I'm doing great, I'm going to do it this time!
quit  Andy from Oceanside, CA on 02-12-2013:
quoteFeel better not putting tar in my lungs - can tell the difference after just one day of e-cig use.
quit  mwelchcarr from FL on 01-18-2013:
quotefeels great
quit  Jackie B. from Texas on 01-10-2013:
quoteI smell so much better, and get so much more done because I'm not constantly taking smoke breaks!
quit  Temple East from Alabama on 01-07-2013:
quoteI quit smoking on 11-5-2010 due to my health and the health of my children. I had used the e-cigarette ... I have been able to enjoy what life I have left because I quit. I breathe better and can make it thru my day without ever needing a smoke. I am a cancer patient and I watched my family smoke themselves to death, I just am glad my children were able to see me quit and now they have promised to never smoke.
quit  Maria from Corona on 01-04-2013:
quotei feel good
quit  Michael Hurley from MA on 01-04-2013:
quotemy family is thrilled ... my doctor is ecstatic ... i am amazed .. 40 year smoker here ... tried to quit so many times ... this will be the last time ...
quit  Prit from CA on 01-03-2013:
quoteAfter heavily smoking for more than 10 years at last I have managed to take back my control over the damn habit,thanks to ecigs!!!:D
quit  Nora Grahe on 01-01-2013:
quoteMy doctor says I am am doing what is right for now and that in the future I can think about quitting permanently yet my family wants me to quit now!
quit  Denzil Ferguson from Ohio on 12-31-2012
quit  oscar gonzalez from florida on 12-13-2012
quit  Ixy from PA on 12-07-2012:
quoteI smoke cloves because they help with my fibromyalgia, however the additives and the paper materials are really bad for you, so I've switched to an e-cig. This is the only company I found that has natural clove extract as part of their clove cartridges!
quit  Dominique from New York on 11-30-2012:
quoteI've been smoking for 20 years and it looks like I found something that is going help me quit.
quit  Chris C from Louisiana on 11-24-2012:
quoteEcigs should be more mainstream given how better an alternative they are to regular cancer sticks. Its been the only device that has got me to quit tobacco cigarettes (quite easily also) after trying other fixes.
quit  Kemuel from MO on 11-13-2012:
quoteLovin' it!
quit  erica stjohn from Columbia on 11-05-2012:
quoteThis has solved my problem with a non smoking husband and family. Glad I tried V2 and will stick to it. I tossed out 3 unopened packs of menthol cigss just to try this.. and now i have 0 nicotine and a great vanilla flavor
quit  Erica PowellGrant- from NC on 10-29-2012
quit  Joanna from VA on 10-25-2012:
quoteMy mother feels better now that she's not smoking cigarettes and the family loves it.
quit  Brian Driscoll from Chicago on 10-20-2012:
quoteAfter 16 years, I did it for my newborn son, I'll never smoke Tobacco again
quit  Jason on 10-12-2012:
quoteAwesome! My lungs feel better and great alternative!!
quit  JoAnn Walker from Maryland on 10-03-2012:
quoteI smoked for 35 years and then started with Smokeless Image ecigs and have not had nor desired tobacco cigarettes since. It has been 3 weeks and counting.
quit  Lee Travers from California on 09-24-2012
quit  Helen from Virginia on 09-15-2012:
quoteMy family and I are thrilled with my results with e-cigs. I have been smoke free for a month and do not even crave a real cigarette. My wish has finally come true. Thank you.
quit  Stephen from FL on 09-12-2012:
quotei quit with prosmoke
quit  Jess from California on 09-04-2012:
quoteAt 39 I've been a pack a day smoker for 22 years and switched to e-cigs just over two weeks ago. It's been 6 days since I've even thought of a tobacco based cig! The brand that's working for me is blu and their "Premium 100" model as I've always smoked 100's. Good luck to anyone wanting to switch! It's easier than you think!
quit  B.Clark from Washington on 09-04-2012
quit  Larry Bannet from Pennsylvania on 09-02-2012
quit  tj from SD on 08-31-2012:
quotei finally quit with my prosmoke three piece. try it or try electronics!
quit  Melissa from Texas on 08-28-2012:
quoteHave not smoked in 10the days-ecig is best thing I have ever done for myself!!
quit  Aapatel from Texas on 08-24-2012:
quotemade me cut down drastically, great product. and i dont smell like an ashtray
quit  Jennifer from PA on 08-14-2012:
quoteI started smoking when I was 15. Cloud 9 e cigarettes have made it easy for me to put down the tobacco. My family couldn't be any happier.
quit  renee from tx on 08-07-2012:
quotecheck out prosmoke. They are they best you can get! I am smoke free now!!!!!
quit  Tom Pritchard from South Carolina on 07-20-2012:
quoteI smoked for 50 plus years and I have tried quitting several times in the past. I quit again Feb 25th 2012 and starting vaping. I am enjoying it and for the first time, I believe it is permanent. Saving lots of money also.
quit  Chip from Wilmington, NC on 07-14-2012:
quoteNo cigs for 8 months now! I love it!
quit  kathryn kozak from shelton, ct on 07-10-2012:
quotehaving smoked regular cigarettes for over 43 years, i decided to switch to an electroic cigarette. i have tried several brands and found south beach to be one of the best. i currently smoke the full flavor menthol. i feel so guilty smoking this, because i constantly have to remind myself it is not a real cigarette. i have been smoking e cigs for appx 10 months, which includes other brands i have tried. i know now that i will never go back to regular cigarettes, NEVER! NEVER! the chemicals in ...
quit  Mary from Hawaii on 07-05-2012:
quoteJust started and hopefully will quit cigarettes very soon
quit  Connie G from Texas on 07-03-2012:
quoteI have only smoked e-cigarettes since May 9, 2012 I feel so much better than I did i love my south beach smokes. X tabacco smoker
quit  John M. from Little River SC on 06-28-2012:
quoteGreat to be an ex with my Eon Smoke!!! I am more surprised than everyone else is!!!
quit  Cary on 06-25-2012:
quoteThanks to Bedford Slims, we are off regular cigarettes!
quit  Chuck Bock from Pittsburgh, PA on 06-15-2012:
quoteI feel great and my family is amazed that I did this and stuck with it! Thank you White Cloud!!
quit  Indy from MO on 06-13-2012:
quoteI smoked 2-3 packs a day for over 40 years. Stopped smoking tobacco the day I purchased my e-cigarette (4 years ago). Now I enjoy all the health benefits as if I had quit cold turkey. You won't see these testimonials in the "mainstream" media because the pharmaceutical companies advertise their worthless gums, patches, and Chantix (which could kill you)
quit  Nick C from uk on 06-09-2012
quit  Linda Rapsis from NJ on 06-05-2012:
quoteI am so happy to have found this product. I am on a limited income and cannot afford over $200 a month to kill myself! God bless technology!
quit  Adrian Paladino from Texas on 05-29-2012:
quoteI didn't even notice myself until weeks later but, since I started, my body never tells me that I need a real cigarette while using an E-Cigarette.
quit  Meagan D from Texas on 05-26-2012:
quoteLOVE! My son and I both breathe better, and no more coughing, no more constant stink, and taste & smell senses are BACK. I had no idea I had really desensitized them. I feel better, much easier to breathe and I find I don't get light headed or short-of-breath like I did before.
quit  Maggie from WI on 05-21-2012:
quoteno bad smell, no sore throat, no congestion... I love that I can still do the actual motion of smoking without all of the disgusting and unhealthy elements!!!
quit  Carmel from FL on 05-17-2012:
quoteThanks for giving me options. Thanks for saving my kid from 2nd hand smoke. Thanks for helping me kick a nasty habit. I won't mention brands but to the industry as a whole, thanks for your ideas and for coming up with better and safer smoking alternatives.
quit  Dan from TN on 05-12-2012:
quote40 year smoker, haven't had a cigarette in over 3 months thanks to e Cigs.
quit  Vicki on 05-11-2012:
quoteThanks to Pro Smoke I finally quit smoking after 21 years of 2 packs a day. I have not touched a real cig since the day this was delivered 3 weeks ago. In the past I never made it past day two. I love my Pro Smoke
quit  Edward from Mentor OH on 05-09-2012:
quoteI quit years ago, I am healthier, have more lung power, my lungs are clear, and clean and I can run a mile without getting winded now. Food tasted better as well..
quit  JOHN from FREMONT, OH on 05-08-2012:
quoteI feel great, my family is ecstatic. If I'd known at 16 what I was doing I would never have started, but I'm thankful that due to this product life is looking up. I'm running and working out again, and my stamina is coming back! You won't regret it.
quit  Jordan Qualls from Arkansas on 05-07-2012:
quoteOver two months without a cigarette. I feel so much better.
quit  Chris from MI on 05-06-2012:
quoteReal cigarettes stink, cause cancer, and are a rip-off. Why not take advantage of the technology?
quit  Ben from Ky on 05-04-2012:
quoteFinally quit smoking, loving my new hobby of Vaping. Glad I found this!
quit  Linda from Minnesota on 05-02-2012:
quoteno more coughing, red eyes, stinky smell, I love them!
quit  boytoyu from az on 04-27-2012:
quotequit with my prosmoke. try them!
quit  Randall from Illinois on 04-25-2012:
quoteLooking forward to freedom from traditional cigrettes. I've seen other people quit smoking using the electronic cigarettes and I have seen their health improve dramatically.
quit  Murray, Sue from 01201 on 04-23-2012
quit  Dustin from IL on 04-16-2012:
quoteI have now not smoked a real cigarette in over a year after smoking for 17 years I really enjoy the e-cigs and have got several family members to quit smoking as well
quit  Mary Mag from IL on 04-12-2012:
quotebreath better, feel better, money savings, fun flavors to try, don't smell like old smoke anymore and now can smoke indoors instead of inthe garage
quit  justin from colorado on 04-10-2012:
quoteSmoking sucks, vaping is the best. just try it, you will be smoke free just like that, you won't smell like smoke, you will be breathing better,no more morning lugies, it rules
quit  Muhammad from Egypt on 04-04-2012:
quoteYes i've finally switched to Ecig, since 1 week and i'm feeling really better i mean i can go up to my house stairs without having bad heart beats and dizziness
quit  Rita Chestnut on 04-01-2012:
quoteI am so glad to have discovered ecigs. I feel much better about myself. There are so many benefits including the welfare of those who would otherwise be exposed to second hand smoke.
quit  Aaron Sippel from Appleton, WI on 03-28-2012
quit  Hunter from OK on 03-26-2012:
quoteMy doc said she's proud of me! I feel better and enjoy an odor-free house and car.
quit  Shelley from Pennsylvania on 03-22-2012:
quoteI'm thrilled to be a non smoker and my husband is using them now to quit
quit  Lori Loiola from Florida on 03-20-2012:
quoteVery happy with my South Beach Smoke. Feel much better, don't smell like smoke, on my way to being nicotine free. Thanks
quit  errymay from CA on 03-15-2012:
quoteNever thought I'd switch, never wanted to. There is a great deal more freedom now that I don't have to find a place to smoke. I like knowing I don't smell of smoke anymore, and I feel much better!
quit  Julia from Ballston Spa NY on 03-11-2012:
quoteExcellent product, will never smoke cigarettes again.
quit  jeane from CA on 03-10-2012:
quotequit with my prosmoke e-cig. very happy
quit  Nathaniel from Georgia on 03-06-2012:
quoteI am pleased and so is the better half. Now if the politicians don't mess it up with their greed.
quit  Jennifer from VA on 03-05-2012:
quoteMy kids are thrilled that I'm not smoking cigarettes -- it's only been 4 days, but I think I'm over the hump and the desire to run to the store to buy a pack. I am really satisfied with the Fifty-One e-Cigarette and hope I can quit altogether one day. I'm not wheezing at night and my cough is not as 'deep' as it was a week ago.
quit  Aaron from Missouri on 03-03-2012:
quoteSwitched Dec. 2010, Wife is happy, I am much healthier and happy to be smoke free
quit  Scott Z from NY on 03-01-2012:
quoteGreat to be tobacco free!!
quit  aldrich from ca on 02-28-2012:
quoteive been smoking for 10 years and i have tried to quit many times only to come back to smoking a few days later. After trying ecigs I have not gone back to smoking ever since. its a great experience, Love it and best of all is that you don't stink afterwards.
quit  Cindy from Michigan on 02-24-2012:
quoteSmoked for 40 years, ecigs are the best thing since sliced bread!! My family is exstatic! I love e cigs!!! Real cigs make me sick now, literally! Been smoke free for two months now... WONDERFUL product!!!!!
quit  Rick Dostie from Maine on 02-21-2012:
quoteHeavy smoker for more than 40 years - two packs a day as of August 2011. Switched to e-cigarettes then, and have tried several brands. Friends and associates notice I'm not coughing, and I do seem to feel much better.
quit  Jill Walker from Chattanooga, TN on 02-14-2012:
quoteThis was the smartest thing I've done, and I'm a fairly intelligent woman! I wish I'd done this years ago, but my first experience was in the mall and the cartridge was way to strong. I'm just about smoke free and my adult children just might do a Snoopy dance over this change in my life. I prefer vaping to smoking!
quit  Leslie from Kentucky on 02-13-2012:
quoteE-cigs are saving my life!! Now that my daughter sees how happy I am vaping SHE wants to quit smoking and start vaping! Miracles do happen!! This is the greatest product I have ever seen. I wish all doctors would give a kit to smokers who want to quit. That would be so awesome. I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders!! Woooohooooo
quit  Elizabeth on 02-09-2012:
quoteI smoked for 35 years and turned into a vaper 4 life on the first day! Love not reeking of cigs anymore, but unfortunately I can smell everyone else's stench now!
quit  Beth M. from New Jersey on 02-07-2012:
quoteI smoked tobacco cigarettes for 7 years - within one day of having my South Beach Smoke ecig I had no desire to have a "real" cigarette again. I feel better, I smell better (tobacco cigarettes smell awful to me now!) my clothes don't smell, and my family is proud of me. I couldn't be happier.
quit  Rantz from La Jolla, CA on 02-02-2012:
quoteI switched after 30 years of smoking cigs to Vaping because of Vapor4Life. Having tried others on the market, their products AND customer service are unbeatable!
quit  Patti G from Arlington, TX on 02-01-2012:
quoteNo more stench from cigarettes! Breathing more easily, more energy.
quit  Tony from South Bend, IN on 02-01-2012:
quoteI've switched by using the SouthBeachSmoke Deluxe starter kit, and I think it's the cat's meow.
quit  Kasey from Texas on 01-30-2012
quit  JEREMY VANSYCKLE from NEBRASKA on 01-26-2012:
quit  Wanda from Illinois on 01-24-2012:
quoteI love the thought of never having to go outside again to smoke. No more standing in the rain and snow because I was a slave to the analog. Yeah Me!!!!!
quit  Claire from Wisconsin on 01-23-2012:
quoteI feel better about myself, think I can actually quit tobacco and get healthier. My family supports me and I am making it safer for my granddaughter, who loves the blue light. No more burnt clothes, messy ashes, stinky ashtrays, it's WIN WIN WIN
quit  Brian from California on 01-19-2012:
quoteNot as satisfying as a cigarette, but better than a patch!!!
quit  Mysti from Evanston on 01-19-2012:
quoteI'm LOVING breathing and running again!
quit  Rafael from FL on 01-16-2012:
quoteI had already quit smoking cigs for several years, but still wanted some way to enjoy a nicotine buzz. Ecigs are a great way to do this. My family doesn't care as long as I'm not puffing vapor in their face and women I have dated don't even care since it doesn't affect my breath or smell. Some have even said they like the smell of the vapor! I am also an athlete and I don't notice any effects on my breathing.
quit  Brigid Goodson from IL on 01-14-2012:
quoteI am amazed and have not had a regular cig since switching. :) Best decision I ever made.
quit  Anita from FL on 01-13-2012:
quoteecigs saved my life from those analogs !
quit  John from Fleetwood, PA on 01-13-2012:
quoteI quit smoking after 38 years with electronic cigarettes! :) Thank you thank you thank you! My family can finally breathe again.
quit  Zanjero Finnerty from Rhode Island on 01-12-2012:
quoteI just need my husband to get one or try mine, very stubborn.
quit  Lynn from PA on 01-08-2012:
quoteI quit smoking with ecigs and now I am smoking completely nicotine-free ones! I love them and have never felt better!
quit  Layne from AK on 01-07-2012
quit  Sharon Thompson from West Virginia on 01-06-2012:
quoteI feel so much better smoking ecigs
quit  Dennis from NJ on 01-06-2012:
quoteswitching to ecigs was a great choice i made this year.
quit  mxmom on 01-04-2012:
quotei am totally off regular cigarettes with my new prosmoke e-cigarette
quit  Aaron W from PA on 12-30-2011:
quoteI love my e cig. Finally something just to fill the habit of doing the motions! I can do it this way.
quit  Victoria from Florida on 12-29-2011:
quoteI really do feel better already and I am so grateful! My family is skeptical still but the dogs love it!! I work in an environment where EVERYBODY smokes and now it's "all eyes on me!" I believe in this short time (2 days) I've already converted 2 people..
quit  Gail from Atlanta on 12-27-2011:
quoteI made the switch in June and I will never go back to tobacco!
quit  Amy from Fresno on 12-27-2011:
quoteecigs changed my life and improved my health!
quit  CJ Levatino from Connecticut on 12-27-2011:
quoteI love,love,love my E-cigs... Never, will I smoke a traditional cigarette again :)
quit  Judy C from Kansas on 12-26-2011

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