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V2 Cigs Reviews, Product Details and Coupon Code

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short review Very popular choice with lifetime warranty plus many options & accessories.
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This popular Floria based company is growing in popularity. V2 has a lifetime warranty and offers a huge selection of kits, cartomizers, accessories, and disposables. Save 10-15% on your V2 purchase with our exclusive coupon codes.

V2 Cigs

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V2 Cigs Product Images
Price: (*)
$49.95 and up
Reviewer Ratings:

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Life of BatteryBattery Life
Vapor VolumeVapor Volume
Customer ServiceService
Cost, ValueValue vs. Cost
Based on 64 user reviews
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Warranty: Lifetime
Color of Tip: red blue 
Money Back Guarantee:   30 days
Cost per Cartridge (*): $2.25-$2.5
Cartridge equates to: 1 pack
Flavor Options:
3 Tobacco, 3 Menthol, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee and Vanilla

Nicotine Strength:
Full (18mg), Medium (12mg), Light (6mg), Zero

Huge selection of batteries, charging cases, accessories, and disposables.

V2 Cigs Reviews

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V2 Cigs Reviews

Reviews with 2 Star () Overall Rating.

posted on March 07 2012:icon post comment  

Life of BatteryBattery Life
Vapor VolumeVapor Volume
Customer ServiceService
Cost, ValueValue vs. Cost
Awful experience w/ V2Cig: dead batteries, items out of stock, painfully slow processing & shipping. The product is OK, but customer service is terrible.

Mike Diaz commented on January 21 2014:
Awful experience with shipping.. Ten days later and I don't have the product and i'm only 30 miles away... They claim that free shipping takes 9 to 14 business days... nothing takes 14 business days to ship in the contiguous States unless it is being shipped via turtles.

carol commented on February 20 2013:
People are right, the negative reviews are lies from other companies! V2 are great, they have made me quit after 30 yrs. & their Cust. Serv. is AWESOME! The E-Liquid with the manual battery is just like the real thing!

visitor commented on March 26 2012:
customer service is the worst i have ever seen batter life isn't that good plus bottom fell out of one

posted on February 22 2012:icon post comment  

Life of BatteryBattery Life
Vapor VolumeVapor Volume
Customer ServiceService
Cost, ValueValue vs. Cost
I ordered this brand the first week of Jan. 2012. I fill my own cartridges so I ordered the blanks. To this day (Feb.22 2012)I have only got a partial order. They say the cartridges are on backorder. But they took my money. The worst customer service I have ever dealt with! I guess now I will be switching over to another brand because I can't get empty cartridges. Beware of this company!

posted on February 14 2012:icon post comment  

Life of BatteryBattery Life
Vapor VolumeVapor Volume
Customer ServiceService
Cost, ValueValue vs. Cost
My husband & I decided to stop smoking after many years and started using V2, 4 months ago. We love the amount of Vapor we get from them but their batteries are awful. We have already had to replace 4 batteries because they stop working or will not charge. We just contacted them tonight to replace 3 more batteries. We have had problems with both manual & automatic. This has gotten out of hand. I am thankful that they offer a lifetime warranty on them but this should not be happening. Why should we have to pay to have each one shipped back when it is not our fault. If the batteries would last, they would be perfect!
Also, we ordered the blank carts on Jan 31st so we would not run out and as usual, they did not have them in stock. It has now Feb 14th and they are still waiting on their shipment to arrive.

Bob Topoleski commented on February 15 2012:
V2 is a great product but they are always out of something when you order supplies. The V2 is useless without the ability to get supplies in a timely manner. I would buy a different brand because of their inability to keep proper stock level of supplies.

posted on February 03 2012:icon post comment  

Life of BatteryBattery Life
Vapor VolumeVapor Volume
Customer ServiceService
Cost, ValueValue vs. Cost
I have been using V2 for almost a year now. I loved the product until they came out with a new cherry flavor. Now the amount of vapor doesn't seem to last and many times they taste used. Batteries last longer than some other brands, but doesn't matter when you are out of cartridges, because their
overnight shipping takes a week to come in. When you call to dispute being charged overnight delivery, they lie and tell you it's been shipped. However, Fedex shows it's not picked up. It's now Friday and they still haven't been shipped and I ordered Tuesday. This is the 2nd time in the past 2 months and my friend is very frustrated with same issues. I'm embarrassed I referred her to V2. I will never make that mistake again.

posted on December 17 2010:icon post comment  

Life of BatteryBattery Life
Vapor VolumeVapor Volume
Customer ServiceService
Cost, ValueValue vs. Cost
Orders are taking months to fulfill but they charge your credit card right away. No inventory online to tell you their products are all backordered. They fill new orders and people that call and complain first, so you spend all your time talking to customer service and once you hit backordered you can wait months. They have changed their cartomizers so they don't last as long as they used to, cheaper version of their old one with a hard plastic cap that doesn't fit as well for vaping with their own batteries. They send the wrong product and change shipping from USPS to the slowest possible Federal Express which takes a week to cross the country. This company is having serious problems with their new found growth. Stay away until they get their act together. Standard KR808D equipment that is cheaper and delivered faster elsewhere.

posted on October 17 2010:icon post comment  

Life of BatteryBattery Life
Vapor VolumeVapor Volume
Customer ServiceService
Cost, ValueValue vs. Cost
I was outside a 7-eleven a little over a week ago when I saw a sign advertising e cigarettes. I had of course seen various advertisements on TV professing to be "the number 1 product on the market" but like with political campaign commercials I tend to look away and cringe, or laugh a lot. With a product like this I want to be able to go into a real life 3D store and try the real life 3D product. They were selling a model called the Xhale 02, which for $20 I didn't feel I could go too wrong with. I wasn't expecting much and I was pleasantly surprised. It did what I wanted; felt like a cigarette, looked quite like one and apparently with out all the killers.
But the grass is always greener.
After having done a fair bit a research, including painfully having to watch some hugely slanted video reviews, I decided to go for what I ... View full review

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Battery, E-Liquid and Customer Service Info

Battery: Type, Colors, and Dimension
Battery Color(s)white black chrome other 
Battery Typeauto or manual
LED Color(s)red blue 
2/3 Piece  i2
Length of Battery2.63" (67mm)
Diameter of Battery0.37" (9.25mm)
Crystal LEDNo
E-Liquid / Nicotine Solution
Ingredientssee here
Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or
Propylene Glycol (PG)  i
USA MadeNo
Portable Charging CaseNo
Pass-Through (USB)Yes 
Customer Service Options
International Shippingworldwide
Toll Free Phone877-378-2767
Emailrequest call back
Live ChatYes 
Information above is for your reference only. Please verify all product information on the sellers website.

More Information

Quality, convenience, and variety make V2 Cigs the perfect choice for consumers. This reliable and affordable electronic cigarette has become a top contender in the e-cigarette arena over the past few years. The company's devotion to creating an electronic cigarette that satisfies costumers is apparent when you look at the product being produced.
  • Not many e-cigarette companies are as open about product testing and ingredients used. Every batch of V2 E-liquid undergoes extensive chemical testing to ensure its quality and consistency, and their electronic products are also tested daily. The ingredents used in V2 E-liquid is a controled amount of nicotine and a variety of food flavorings in a propylene glycol base.

  • The company offers both a disposable and a rechargeable electronic cigarette. If you choose their rechargeable battery option, you will be pleased to see the variety of kits they sell. If your unsure of the brand and you're trying it out for the first time, then the best kit to purchase is the beginners kit. It comes with a rechargeable battery, six V2 flavor cartridges, one V2 disposable e-cig, and an express charger. If you decide that this is the brand for you, they sell a convenient portable charging case that comes in handy when you're on the go.

  • The assortment of flavors is another reason this product is worth your consideration. You can choose their red flavor, which closely resembles the taste of tobacco, or you can be a tad more adventurous and select vanilla, coffee, chocolate, or cherry. Flavor is not the only choice you have, you can also pick the strength of the nicotine. The highest nicotine percentage is 2.4% while the lowest is 0%.
V2 Cigs' attention to quality has helped the company rise-up in the world of electronic cigarettes. Their openness about the process that goes into making their product has created a trusting relationship between consumer and manufacturer.

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