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I have been a V2 user for almost 4 months. I LOVE my v2cigs & stopped smoking ...

reviewed V2 Cigs model 'Ultimate Kit' on December 05 2011:

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I have been a V2 user for almost 4 months. I LOVE my v2cigs & stopped smoking real cigs the day I got my V2 (1pack a day smoker/over 20 years)

BUT!! I am terribly disappointed in the VAPOR CARTRIDGES life span and consistency over the past month or two. This has gotten out of hand and is now costing me over $10 a day to smoke their brand and I simply cannot afford to smoke their brand if they don't do something about it.

Customer service is very nice however, often there's a delay in shipping (don't pay for quick ship, it will usually come in 5 to 7 days no matter what you pay unless it is on back order, then you can wait up to 2 weeks or more) - I LOVE my V2 Cigs and want to stay with them so bad but so often now (about 2out of 10)cartridges are EMPTY and about 8 out of 10 only last about 7 - 11 cigs..wondering if it is a problem with the battery because when vaping, the cartridge gets hot on my lips but customer service had no idea if that was the prob) (I've had to exchange the batteries several times, they send you new battery right away then you send your damaged one back) But to be safe I've had to order multiple chargers and batteries so I don't have to worry about not running out & smoking real cigs.)

Once I had to spend $60 on disposables at my local store while waiting for my cartridges. V2 TASTE GREAT. EXTREMELY GREAT VAP! The customer service is NICE, but they don't back up their cartridges enough and it is really costing $ me now. (I've had some credits,& they say they're always trying to improve) BluCig backs up their cartridges (so they tell me?). Although, I'm sure V2 has to be careful about people trying to "get-over" on them. But read reviews here and other places, you will find everyone's only real complaint is the shipping time (which can be overcome if you plan),and more importantly, complaint after complaint about EMPTY CARTRIDGES and 'LIFE' of the CARTRIDGE. Anyone know of cartridges that really last? PLEASE HELP
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Rebecca commented on December 27 2011:
I am right there with you! My first 2 orders through V2 were great. My last order for 80 cartridges has been TERRIBLE!! The lifespan of each cartridge has gone way down and I have found at least 7 - 8 bad cartridges that do not engage at all when I smoke them. This has been VERY dissapointing. I am moving over to SouthBeach Smoke. They have a much better lifespan from what I hear from my sister in law who uses them.

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