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I've tried both the V2 and BLU eCigs. Me and my friends agree that the V2 ...

from Redondo Beach, CA reviewed V2 Cigs model 'V2 Economy Kit' on March 21 2013:

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I've tried both the V2 and BLU eCigs. Me and my friends agree that the V2 tastes better. The looks are very similar.

Some Pros the V2 has is the quality of smoke. The BLU's (Disposable one that I tried) started tasting burnt much faster than my V2. Burnt and ran out of battery in about two days. I think batteries in general for eCigs aren't that strong yet.

My V2 didn't run out of battery, but I can notice that the vapor gets weaker and weaker. The eCigs need constant charging to use.

One thing I like more about the Blu is that it has the option to have a chargeable case that looks like a cigarette box. It makes it more convenient to take out regularly if you're a regular smoker. The V2 only has an option to come with non-charging case.

The charging cable for the eCig is extremely short.... Only 12 inches. It is not as long as cell phone chargers where you put it in an outlet and drag it to your desk. I charge mine off the side of my laptop because I have a usb drive to spare.

Rated Customer Service a 3 because two of the items I ordered were back ordered and I have to wait extra long to get them.
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