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I was outside a 7-eleven a little over a week ago when I saw a sign ...

from Santa Monica, CA reviewed V2 Cigs model 'V2 Ultimate kit' on October 17 2010:

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I was outside a 7-eleven a little over a week ago when I saw a sign advertising e cigarettes. I had of course seen various advertisements on TV professing to be "the number 1 product on the market" but like with political campaign commercials I tend to look away and cringe, or laugh a lot. With a product like this I want to be able to go into a real life 3D store and try the real life 3D product. They were selling a model called the Xhale 02, which for $20 I didn't feel I could go too wrong with. I wasn't expecting much and I was pleasantly surprised. It did what I wanted; felt like a cigarette, looked quite like one and apparently with out all the killers.
But the grass is always greener.
After having done a fair bit a research, including painfully having to watch some hugely slanted video reviews, I decided to go for what I felt would be the best quality electronic cigarette on the market. After all this is a big decision for any smoker, to ditch not just a habit but an addiction. To retreat and try something new. Something that you're probably going to use every, and if you're going to cheap out on anything it shouldn't be you're body. In my new found spirit I decide to shell out $158.27 for the V2 Ultimate Kit. I ordered it on Monday October 11h and arrived on Saturday 16th, which was not a huge wait but it was a wait you had to pay for with this company.
When the Fed Ex guy rang the door I was genuinely excited. This excitement was only matched by my bitter disappointment. After my first drag (well, 4th or 5th after getting the vapor warm) of V2 Cowboy flavor I knew that I'd made a mistake. I knew that all the fancy ad campaigns and packaging couldn't make up for the fact that they were selling a sub standard product. I found myself having to pull really hard to inhale the vapor, and even doing this was in vain. In a moment of hope it occurred to me that maybe the battery or cartomizer was faulty, but having bought the Ultimate kit I wasn't short of spares. It produced quite a lot of vapor if you just wanted to keep it in you're mouth. But once you inhaled, miniscule amounts came back out and I felt cheated. The cherry flavor even irritated my chest and cause me to cough every time I used it. As I exhaled after each long and effort filled drag Newton would have turned in his grave. There was no equal reaction here, and having my cheap Xhale model to compare it with only made the V2 whither even more.
I just wish I'd asked the Fed Ex guy to hang around so I could have saved myself a trip to the local delivery office.
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