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VaporFi: User Reviews & Ratings plus Product Information

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short review Offers a variety of colors, styles, and models as well as e-liquid blends.
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They offer a very large selection of vaporizers, e-cigarettes, accessories, and e-liquids for beginners and pros.


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Price: (*)
$29.99 and up
Reviewer Ratings:

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Free Shipping: No
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Warranty: Lifetime for HDP participants
Color of Tip: red 
Money Back Guarantee:   30 days
Cost per Cartridge (*): $3
Cartridge equates to: 1.5-2 packs
Flavor Options:
Tobacco, Menthol, various fruit and desert flavors plus custom blends!

Nicotine Strength:
3.6% Bold, 2.4% Full Flavor, 1.8% Regular, 1.2% Light, 0.6% Ultra Light, No Nicotine

6 different types of ecig models.

VaporFi Reviews

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posted on January 27 2014:icon post comment  

Life of BatteryBattery Life
Vapor VolumeVapor Volume
Customer ServiceService
Cost, ValueValue vs. Cost
I got the Pro model about 2 weeks ago and so far I'm really happy. I'm not trying to replicate the feeling of holding a tobacco cigarette and so I didn't care about the larger size. I enjoy vaping it and the better battery life you get with it.
I'm not a flavor kinda guy - I'm vaping the regular tobacco and it's great!

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More Information

As you know, we don't waste our/ your time dealing with low quality products straight out of China, so with that said, we were pleased to review one of the newest, and best brands to come out as of late: VaporFi.

Some of the basics: They have a very large selection of vaporizers, e-cigarettes, accessories, and e-liquids. Everything is moderately priced, you will see cheaper products in this market, but remember you are paying for very advanced, and extremely high quality machines.

E-Liquid: The e-liquids are getting as much attention as the actual vaporizers- they are just that good. Intense flavors in every imaginable flavor and you get to mix them yourself to create unique new flavors. Made in the USA, of USP Kosher grade ingredients, using glycerin sourced from Malaysian palm- not peanuts, and essentially it is formulated a step above "food grade" and made literally for inhalation. Standards are huge with this company and it shows.

Starter Kits: They have 6 starter kits, and there is a big range in price depending on what you get:
VaporFi Express $29.99
VaporFi Air $39.99
VaporFi Pro $54.99
VaporFi Jet $79.99
VaporFi Pulse $119.99
VaporFi Rebel $179.99

As far as the vaporizers go, they have basic ones like the Air, mid-range such as the Pro and the Jet, and then the really high performing vaporizers made for the people looking to get the biggest and best of everything: the Pulse and the Rebel. These vaporizers can be used with a lot of different cartomizers, tanks, atomizers, atomizer heads, so they can be tailored to your liking. Some battery models come in a slew of color options, if that's your thing.

Things to keep in mind: these are not "beginners" e-cigs. Sure, novices can use them, however they require a little more involvement in the learning process. They are not modeled after cigarettes, so wrap your head around the idea that you will have to set things up, fill your liquids, work with tanks, etc. It's all worth it tho, the hits and vapor production are enormous.

Another thing you can feel comfortable about is that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee, as well as a 90-day warranty for their products, excluding liquids and cartridges.

VaporFi is getting really popular and their customers are really into the products, services, and what they get out of them. Rave reviews for the liquids and overall experience, so they are definitely a brand worth trying.

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Vapor Zone e-liquids

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