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I smoke less than 1 pack a day - ..I don't know if the other 2 reviews were ...

Victory E Cigarette
from Yulee, FL reviewed Victory E Cigarette model 'Victory Regular' on September 18 2012:

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I smoke less than 1 pack a day - ..I don't know if the other 2 reviews were posted by the owner, or an employee, but I can't possibly believe anyone would be satisfied with this product or company.
The product is very weak and doesn't even tell you or give you a choice of strength. Look for a product that has a variance of strengths. There are 2 types of measurements - do your research before you buy. Also, the money back guarantee on the monthly membership - doesn't mean they're talking about the .01 and the 4.95 shipping. They will charge you 1 month, even if your not satisfied the first week of trial , and before the 30 days are up. I returned mine after only 4 days, shipped via UPS, and when I emailed them to cancel, they immediately charged my credit card for the next 30 days, which wasn't even due for 3 weeks. So just beware it'll cost you $30.52 just to try this weak smokeless cigarette. I smoke less than 1 pack and, one cartridge doesn't equal 12 packs of cigarette as advertised. One lasted about 2 days. I found the kind that you mix the drop works best for me. Nothing will match the taste of a real cigarette, but this does help if you can't smoke or try to wean yourself off of cigarettes. I bout different product from a company called VCigaretts, that utilizes drops and you can mix your own strength .
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Victory E Cigarette Electronic Cigarette Brand
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