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White Cloud: Cirrus Reviews, Product Information and Coupon Code

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short review White Cloud is a top quality brand with a wide spectrum of products.
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White Cloud Cigarettes offers the Cirrus starter kits, the new Phantom Kit, and the Fling disposable e-cigarette.


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Cirrus Product Images
Price: (*)
$49.95 and up
Reviewer Ratings:

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Life of BatteryBattery Life
Vapor VolumeVapor Volume
Customer ServiceService
Cost, ValueValue vs. Cost
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Warranty: 2 Years
Color of Tip: orange 
Money Back Guarantee:   30 Days
Cost per Cartridge (*): ~$4-$4.40
Cartridge equates to: ~2 packs (400 puffs)
Flavor Options:
Regular Tobacco, Menthol, Bora Bora, Apache, Peach, Apple, Chocolate, Lime and many more.

Nicotine Strength:
Double Extra (5.4%), Extra (3.6%), Full (2.4%), Light (1.6%), Ultra Light (0.8%), Zero

Great flavors, stylish accessories and top quality.

Cirrus Reviews

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Cirrus Reviews

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posted on April 06 2012:icon post comment  

Life of BatteryBattery Life
Vapor VolumeVapor Volume
Customer ServiceService
Cost, ValueValue vs. Cost
This company is nothing but a ripoff. If you are considering e-cigs, I suggest you try a company who offers a 100% refund in case you find out you don't like e-cigs or have an allergic reaction like I did. I tried the product, was not impressed with the smoke, and I also found out I am allergic to something in the cartridges. Of course, they are charging me $63.00 for a restocking fee, which seems pretty high since I mailed the product back to them the very next day and I don't think it will cost them $63.00 to restock the cartridges or anything else in the kit. I wonder what they do with the items they restock, maybe refurbish and sell them as new to other customers. When I was on the phone with customer service they said each battery costs $140.00. And one more thing I would like to mention, the 2 yr warranty that is included with ... View full review

matt@WC commented on May 22 2012:
Hi Skeeter, there must be a mis-understanding, we don't have a re-stock fee at all. Please contact our customer service department immediately so that we can investigate your account, or if you could email us a copy of your bank statement detailing the less-than-full refund, that would also work. I know you were being facetious by insinuating that we refurbish our items and sell them as new, but we wouldn't be one of the ten most enduring e-cigarette manufacturers (established May 2007) if we practiced the behavior you're suggesting. The C3X comes with the 2-year warranty--there is no difference between the warranties--they both provide you with hassle free exchanges and they both cover accidental damage (like sending them through a washing machine and other water related damage). Lastly, regarding our battery prices; we offer all current customers a 3 for $99 deal on extra batteries. That's only $33.00 per battery, not $140 as you state in your review.

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Battery, E-Liquid and Customer Service Info

Battery: Type, Colors, and Dimension
Battery Color(s)white chrome 
Battery Typeauto
LED Color(s)orange 
2/3 Piece  i2
Length of Battery2 3/16" (55mm) or 2 9/16" (65mm) or 3 1/8" (80mm)
Diameter of Battery10mm (3/8")
Crystal LEDYes 
E-Liquid / Nicotine Solution
IngredientsPropylene glycol, ethyl acetate, nicotine, water, ethanol, other.
Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or
Propylene Glycol (PG)  i
USA Made
Portable Charging CaseNo
Pass-Through (USB)No
Customer Service Options
International Shippingworldwide
Toll Free Phone866-492-6310
Live ChatNo
Information above is for your reference only. Please verify all product information on the sellers website.

Product Images

White Cloud Cigarettes - Cirrus 3

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