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This is my first ecig, so I can't compare Zerocig to others. PROs: The ...

Zero Cig
from Bloomington, IN reviewed Zero Cig model 'starter kit' on September 21 2011:

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This is my first ecig, so I can't compare Zerocig to others.

PROs: The battery lasts a long time. The cig produces a lot of vapor. It feels quite a bit like a real cig. The black carrying case is pretty cool. I've been pleasantly surprised by the flavors (tobacco & coffee).

CONs: The case won't hold a full ecig (battery cartridge) so you have to take it apart to put it back into the case.
- Customer service is atrocious. A few days after placing my order, I emailed them to ask about shipping times (the website is unclear), but I never got a response. The ecig arrived in about 10 days--not great but not terrible--with an extra carton of tobacco cartridges instead of menthol ones I had ordered. I sent an email about it and waited a week. No response. I called and left a VM. No response. I called and left another VM (complaining that I'd already sent and email and left a VM) and was finally called back. The guy told me he'd mail the replacement carton that day. That was two weeks ago. I am seriously annoyed and disappointed. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't like the ecig anyway, but I like it and want to continue to do business, but right now the only company higher on my sh!t list is AT&T, and that's saying something.

"CONs": I put quotation marks around "cons" here because they aren't the fault of this product. I was hoping for an experience that would mirror my analog experience, and to some degree the zerocig does that, but several things prevent it:
The ecig is a full inch longer, and the battery is much heavier than an analog, so I can't hold it like a usually would. I have to hold it more like a cigar. Also, I can't hold it in my mouth with my lips for the same reason. I either have to hang onto it with my fingers or clamp down with my teeth, neither of which I care for. These discrepancies have kept me from making a total switch from analog to ecig, though I hope with time I'll get used to the ecig and use it more out of habit.
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Denise commented on December 07 2011:
I meant to add this addendum ages ago. The night I wrote this review, there was a VM from the company on my phone (I didn't call back, but it was nice to have finally received a response!). Two days later, I received a priority mail package that included not only some menthol cartridges but one of their mini batteries (which I love, btw--just the right size and weight) and a wall charger. I haven't ordered anything else since, so I can't comment on consistent customer service, but this prompt response to my review did smooth my feathers quite a bit, and I appreciated it.
customer service commented on September 21 2011:
Hello Denise, Thank you for your review on our product. As always please call us at 888.249.0668 (9-5 PM PST / M-F) All our starter kits come equipped with a Super Battery, which is longer due to the Stronger, Robust battery strength. If you wish to mimic the size of your traditional analog, we would suggest the "MINI", which is only 5.3 cm long. If there was any mistake with your order, we are always more than happy to correct it. Shipping rates/times are as followed 2-3 Day 5-10 Day ZEROCIG Customer Service 888.249.0668

Zero Cig Electronic Cigarette Brand
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