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I got the Blu Cigs Premium pack . When it comes to performance I was really ...

from Gainesville, FL reviewed blu cigs model 'Blu Cigs Premium 100' on January 16 2012:

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I got the Blu Cigs Premium pack . When it comes to performance I was really unsatisfied by the life of batteries and cartridges. Sure you have the spare in the rechargeable pack and can switch back and forth but after a while that becomes a bit tedious. The claim that each cartridge amounts to that of a full pack and a half of regular cigs is some what offensive actually. At most each cartridge lasts the amount of 4-5 regular cigs (I even doubt that) and I got the premium 100 carts which claims to give you 320 puffs!("depending on the user") Not even close! Each pack of carts is about 13$ and brings 5 carts which should equal in theory to 7.5 packs of regular cigs - around 50$ (don't forget I got the Premium 100's). What I am really spending at 4 cigs per cart x5 carts = 20 cigs for one box = a full pack for 13$. I have actually not had a regular cig since recieving my Blu pack so I can see that there is potential in E-cigs, maybe just not this brand.

Don't even let me start on battery life which their site claims to 250-300 before it runs out. I dont even get that. Probrably half way through the life of the cart I have to replace. AND for those that don't like the taste of manuer do not try the Java jolt with full nicotine - tastes like crap. On a positive note Vanilla and cherry flavours were pretty good.

I am not hating but it really burns when a company says something spectacular of their product and falls miles short of actual description.

I was impressed by the looks and convinience of the rechargable pack. I really like that you can carry the pack around with several cartridges (5) plus one on a battery. It is really convinient and cool looking. I am really on the fence on trying another brand just because I like the travel/on the go aspect. In the end I will probrably keep it and just use it as my on the go venue and conitnue searching.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to quality e cig that really does what it says it does?

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Bob commented on February 01 2012:
That's funny, I'm still on my first cartridge after receiving the blue premium kit and in my opinion, you couldn't be more inaccurate. I take about 12 long drags each time I use it and as of an hour ago I used it for the 17th time, which is 3 short of a real pack. Your problem is probably not the cartridge, but the batter... After every 4-5 uses I swap batteries and it makes a world of difference, so the chances are that you are wasting cartrdiges for no reason. So far this product has been excellent, 3 days owned.
bigk commented on January 30 2012:
All e-cigs claim 250-500 puffs. I guess they base it on 1-2 sec puffs?? Taking a full drag off of one must equal 10 puffs?? That's the way I see it!!!

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